Saturday, February 21, 2015

Barrelhouse Call for Submissions!!!

Submissions (!submissions/cx9l)

Thanks for thinking of us as a home for your work! Unsolicited submissions are the fossil fuel that keeps the Barrelhouse moped puttering along on the side of the literary highway.

We are currently accepting submissions for: the riots section of Issue 15 AND our 90s-themed online issue!

Call for Submissions: Riots

Barrelhouse Issue 15 will feature a special themed section on the topic of riots. Whether that term makes you think of civil disobedience, riot grrrls, sports fans celebrating a championship, Quiet Riot, or something else, we want to read your work. We’re looking for stories, essays, and poems that take this broad theme and turn it into the kind of energetic, fearless work that Barrelhouse loves. We want writing that is going to throw bricks through windows and flip cars and start fires and charge through clouds of tear gas carrying nothing but a stick and a lifetime of outrage. We want you to scare us a little.

DEADLINE: May 1, 2015
PLEASE NOTE: submissions for this topic should be submitted under the special Riots category. General submissions should be listed under the appropriate category
PLEASE NOTE, #2: This call is for a special themed section. The remainder of Issue 15 will not be themed.

Call for Submissions (online issue): The 90s

The dream of the 90s is alive at Barrelhouse!

We’re in search of stories, poems, and essays that celebrate one of the greatest decades in relatively recent history: the 1990s. Whether you take us back or bring it forward, show us how it was all about the Benjamins, saluting your shorts, and whatever pogs were. Make us think about Squeezit, royalty in Bel-Air, and Blind Melon in new, 21st century ways.

Most of all? Put more heart in your work than the Spice Girls, and more danger than Beavis and Butt-Head with rocket launchers.

Magazine Submission Guidelines

Please read these instructions before you submit. We know we aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but it will make it easier on all of us if you have a general sense for what we’re looking for and how we’d like to get it.

We accept submissions through the Submittable online submissions manager. That’s the only way we accept submissions.

No previously published work.

There is no maximum length, although we tend to publish stuff shorter than 8,000 words
Please submit only one piece at a time. Except for poetry. You can submit up to five poems. Everybody else — just one!

We pay $50 to each contributor to our print issues, as well as two contributor copies. So far, online contributors are paid primarily in karma. All contributors are also promised free beer, if we ever run into you in the flesh. If you don’t believe us about the free beer, ask around a little bit. We are frequently tipsy and imprudently generous.
We accept simultaneous submissions — you would have to be insane to be sending your stuff out to one place at a time, right? Seriously. We hope you’ll tell us as soon as possible if you place the work elsewhere, though.

It will probably take us two to three months to get back to you. We try to do that faster, but there are few of us and many of you.
About electronic files: Please only send us word or rich-text (.rtf) files. Seriously. If you send something in a file format that we can’t read, it greatly reduces your chances of publication. For poetry, please submit 3-5 poems as a single document.

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