Sunday, December 7, 2014


Poetry for the Soul
A Week-long Residential Workshop Retreat
Led by James Harpur (
Arrival: Saturday, 9 May 2015
Departure: Saturday 16 May 2015

"My week at Anam Cara will explore the world of poetry with a spiritual tinge to it. In a friendly but focused atmosphere, sometimes contemplative, sometimes fun, we shall explore some of life’s deeper issues and observe how poetry honours them with the “best words in the best order”. The backdrop of the peninsula will help to direct our thoughts to creation and the creative process.
"Our morning sessions will include relaxed warm-up exercises, discussions on particular themes, reading classic and contemporary poems, and above all getting down to some writing. Afternoons will focus on personal study and one-to-one sessions with James.
"The course is open to all abilities, from experienced writers to those beginning their poetic journey, and is suitable to all believers, non-believers and part-time believers of all creeds, or no creeds. The most important thing is an open mind and heart, enthusiasm and a willingness to have a go and share.’"
Our themes will be:
• Life as Journey
• The Poetry of Now
• Spirit of Nature
• Talking to the Dead
• Dreamtime

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