Sunday, April 6, 2014

Artist-in-Residence Evelyn Dunphy Has Wonderful News!

From Evelyn Dunphy, who is conducting a watercolour workshop retreat at Anam Cara at the end of May, just sent this wonderful news. Many congratulations, Evelyn!

Dear Sue:

When I opened my email from the Art of Watercolour magazine,
I could hardly believe what I was reading; both paintings that I submitted ["Exuberance" and "Tea and Sushi"] were juried into the third stage of the World Watercolour Competition!

It's hard to take in, really. It's such a thrill; I keep reading the announcement over again just to see the words! When I read about the competition in the French watercolor magazine, The Art of Watercolour and thought "my goodness, what are the chances of ever making it even to the first selection with competition like this?" But my attitude is always "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and so I filled out the submission form, attached the photos of my paintings and hit "send."

I do know that reaching this level of a world-wide competition has the potential to open up opportunities for my painting career that I would not have dreamed of. Many of you know my story and can appreciate what it means to have started painting after being a "stay at home Mom" for many years, then working full time before finally taking the plunge to begin painting.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

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