Saturday, May 25, 2013

From a UK Anam Cara Alum to UK Writers and Artists...

I wanted to tell you as friends, writers and all-round nice folk about a project I'm doing on London gardens
over the next two weeks as part of the Chelsea Fringe.

Each day from today until 9th June, I'll be posting up photographs and stories about a different London garden I've chosen on my website - It's all about reading and writing in the garden, so there will be a poem I've selected for its relevance or connection and also a writing exercise designed for that particular spot. It's all part of a plan to encourage more people to read and write alongside me, so I'll be going along to as many gardens as I can and if you fancy it, and are near enough, come and write with me. We will laugh in the face of rain and dripping notebooks. If you bring cake, we will eat it... If you bring wine ...

The details are here ..., and today's poem is Charles Causley's The Green Man.

But really this email is to ask you for absolutely nothing, I just wanted to let you know what I was doing, and I hope it appeals to some of you. There's a little widget on the right hand side if you wanted to sign up to receive these postings in your inbox, and also if you wanted to send me a photograph of you writing in your garden and what you've written (particularly if it's as a result of one of the exercises) I'd be a bit excited. Please feel free to share this email and the website to whom you want.

Sarah Salway

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