Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anam Cara Alum Night at the London Premiere of JD Smith's Play

Sue Guiney, the creator of CurvingRoad, a novelist and poet, and an Anam Cara writer-in-residence has sent the following invitation:

"J.D. and I would like to invite to a special evening performance for Anam Cara alums and other writers of The Next Curve: 2 One Act Plays. JD’s play Dig is one of the two.

An incompetent killer. A belligerent victim. What happens when a gangland killing goes wrong? And which is more frightening - the gun, or the shovel?

"JD’s play will be seen along with another world premiere, No More, Salvator, written by the Scottish playwright, Michael Hart.

Mona Lisa spars with her nemesis, Renaissance painter Salvator Rosa, who’s giant landscapes hang beside her for centuries. Fact and fiction meet in this comedy about love, art and the power of celebrity.

"JD and his wife, Paula, will be coming to London for the event, and I know he’d love to have the audience filled with as many friendly faces as possible. The show is at The Old Red Lion Theatre, which is a 5 minute walk from the Angel tube stop in Islington. Tickets can be purchased either by calling the box office at 020 7837 7816 or on-line at

"We are well into rehearsals, and, I must say, we have a fantastic cast. I do believe it will be a great show. If you know of any other Anam Cara alums or writers who would like to come that night and then stay for a bit of a celebration with JD in the pub below, do feel free to pass this invitation on. I know there are more of us out there, but I don’t have everyone’s email addresses. And of course, even if you’re not free on the 23rd, I do hope you’ll come to one of the other performances. I’ll be there most nights so we can always toast JD in his absence.
It’s been a real thrill to be able to bring J.D.’s work to life. I hope you can come see it."


  1. Thanks for posting this, Sue (despite my awkwardly worded 1st sentence). I do hope Londoners will come over to see it and to meet J.D. He's a very talented and funny guy.

  2. Thank you very much Sue and Sue (in that order).

    The whims of an unpronounceable Icelandic volcano allowing, I am greatly looking forward to the event.