Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anam Cara from the Air

John Eagle, the local photographer who produces most of the postcards of this area, stopped by a few days ago to give me this picture, which he had just taken as he was flying back from his latest photo shoot in the Irish Lights Eurocopter 13. The labryinth is in the meadow at the far west of Anam Cara's five acres and was created by Mary Lynn Jamison (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA) after Kim Richardson (Uxbridge, England) marked its position with bamboo stakes.

As a result of his keen interest in lighthouses, John has produced a book, An Eagle's View of Irish Lighthouses (, featuring his photographs of Ireland's own. John often presents slide shows of his work here at Anam Cara; he also leads photographic safaris around the peninsula. (


  1. How cool is that? I guess it really is there, after all :-)

  2. What a gorgeously enticing view of the meadow! It's nice to have friends in high places :-)

  3. Hi Sue - don't know how I stumbled on this blog - I'm not a blogger - but I did! I'm sure you are enjoying spectacular weather down there right now - we were there for a couple of days and just got back yesterday (Tues) Our very dear friend, Jerry Harrington died on Friday and we were there for his funeral. Kevin and I will really miss him - in many ways he was a father figure to both of us and was always ready to talk when we visited. He was a powerhouse of stories about Kilcatherine, where he was born as one of a family of 12, from a mother born on Inishfernard Island. He was the last of them. One of his brothers had a family of 11 - nine boys and two girls. The boys are all Beara men, very large and imposing. And so, between Jerry's Extraordinary sons plus these nine, all in black suits and ties, seeing them standing around the graveside in Kilcatherine, I felt like an inadequate midget! Good weather up here in Meath too, but I wish I was on Beara. By the looks of your site, you're going a bomb... Well done! See you soon -


    Deirdre (Purcell)