Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writers-in-Residence Support Artist-in-Residence

When jewelry designer, Barbara Taylor (, Somerville, Massachu- setts, USA) came to work on her new creation, Stone Circle Jewelry, I'm sure she could not have anticipated the kind of support and help she got from two of the writers who were here.

Jenni Barrett, a novelist (Dublin, Ireland) spent yesterday morning with local photographer, John Eagle, learning how to use her new digital camera; when she returned, she asked Barbara if she could use her newly-acquired skills to take photos of the jewelry that Barbara had just made. Ann Kelly, a poet (Edinburgh, Scotland) joined them in creating the images. They were so pleased with the results that Barbara will use Jenni's photos on her soon-to-be launched web site.

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  1. Beautiful images and even more beautiful jewellery. I love how Anam Cara brings artists together. :)