Friday, February 6, 2009

The Snow That Stayed

Here on Beara we sometimes get a dusting of snow and once in a great while the duck pond freezes over (creating havoc for the inexperienced web-footed). A couple of weeks ago, we got more than a dusting, and it lasted for about four hours beyond it's usual 10-minute life span. The palm trees didn't know what to do with themselves.


  1. I've been reading about the bad winter in Ireland this year, though you won't get much sympathy after the mountains of snow we've had here in New Hampshire! Hope the ducks and the palm trees are coping. Love the new additions to your web site, Sue. Broadband too! Now I won't have to bring all that paper research next time I visit. Stay warm - spring is right around the corner. My best, Pat Shagoury

  2. Your photo of the snow is mysterious and beautiful did your little dog like the snow ? Maryland is cold and sunny. I miss your fires at Anam Cara and the good company, laughing at your table.

    Until I return,
    Amanda Conklin